Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paid Clowns

Not all the clowns in the world wear make-up and perform in circuses or children's parties.

Some we elect into office ...

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Mix clowns, circus performers and music and you have spectacle. Often creepy spectacle. 

But every once in a while it can be effective.

Not often ... but once in a while.

And yes: The clown doctor in the video, while showcased only briefly, is still disturbing. Put yourself in the patient's place and tell me otherwise ...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear Madam Barnum

Despite my elevated dislike for clowns (which has been evident for quite some time) there are, as with most rules, exceptions. And most effectively so where clowns are not presented in vulgar distaste.

One such such example tells a charming but sad tale of a charlatan working in a circus who is on the outs and ready to resign his station. The story is presented by one of my all-time favorites bands - XTC - from their 1992 album Nonsuch.

Too often clowns send shivers. In this particular case, you are simultaneously pleased and saddened at this clown's position.

Please enjoy. I do each time I hear this tune.

I put on a fake smile
And start the evening show
The public is laughing
I guess by now they know
So climb from your high horse
And pull this freak show down
Dear Madam Barnum
I resign as clown
You said I was the master of all I surveyed
But now I'm sweeping up
The last in line in your circus parade
Children are clapping
As I fall to the floor
My heart's torn and broken
And they just scream for more
If I'm not the sole fool
Who pulls his trousers down
Then dear Madam Barnum
I resign as clown
You tread the high wire
Between truth and lies
Your safety net just walked out
Much to your surprise
Strike up the band Love
And let the show begin
For this is the last time
I'm painting on a grin
If I'm not the sole fool
Who pulls his trousers down
Then dear Madam Barnum
I resign as clown

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th Of July ... Sans Clowns

Remember folks: No clowning around on the 4th of July. Let's all stay safe out there.

And keep in mind there isn't room for clowns in any of your Independence Day Parades, either.